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Features & Guides

How to make money with us?

You just need to do simple steps, Register, Claim Timer Reward, Playing Games, Surfing Ads, Links Wall, Complete Daily Easy Tasks, Increase Your Level to gain more privileges, Exchange your Profits, and also, inviting your friends is not a bad idea to earn more coins.

Why level is important?

We pay high to each user, but to be able to withdraw large amount to the wallet, you have to pass several stages of levels, Do more, then Earn More, you will enjoy the fruit of your efforts, especially when you reach the highest level.

Why Ourtecads Better than Others?

In Ourtecads, your income is increasing day by day, due to your increasing level, so only those who put in effort will enjoy the corresponding results, of course you will be different than those who are lazy, and of course, your income will be greater than them, you will feel more happy and relaxed.

How to advertise with us?

You can advertise for free as well as earn cryptocurrency for free with us.
and also our Ad surfer has a responsive display, which is compatible with any device size with an Iframe size of 100% height and width.


What is OurTecads?
OurTecads Is A Simple Website You Can Earn Free Money With Easy Tasks

Can I Create Multiple Accounts?
No, We Are Not Allowing Multiple Account Usage. Our Advanced Security System Automatically Bans The Accounts That Owned By The Same Person.

Unfortunately, You Can Not Use Any Proxied Connection.

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